Fork it The french way
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A Real Dream Diet !

Like many professionals, Ivan Gavriloff juggles a demanding schedule that includes long work days and frequent business lunch and dinners. He knows firsthand how this lifestyle affects the waistline. In the past, he had a tendency to put on weight easily. In fact, he had tried numerous diets, but was unsuccessful at keeping off the extra weight over the long term, until quite by accident, he was introduced to the Fork It method.

As a specialist in innovation and creativity, Ivan is accustomed to tackling challenges in nonconventional ways. He is also a firm believer in monitoring dreams to gain insight into our unconscious thoughts. So, naturally his own dream of a flashing message about eating dinner with a fork sparked his curiosity and intuitive sensibility. He analyzed the dream for its meaning and message. The idea itself seemed innovative and quirky, but he had no idea if it was an effective way to lose weight. He decided to seek out professionals who would know the answer-- physicians, psychologists and nutritionists.

Months were spent interviewing French medical specialists who considered the viability of this method from physiological, psychological and nutritional viewpoints. In the end, the findings were extremely positive.

The method supports a nutritionally balanced diet. It helps to establish healthy eating habits. It provides a safe and effective weight loss plan, while avoiding the dangerous pitfalls common to yo-yo dieting. Its non-restrictive approach to eating is much more liberating than the traditional diets based on calorie counting and food limitation. Lastly, it is easy to incorporate into a daily routine and doesn’t hinder social and familial dining.

This dream diet and its many benefits are now being shared with those who would like to overcome the challenges of dieting and to lose the extra weight, while establishing a healthier approach to eating. All you need to do is to pick up a fork!

Ivan GavriloffIvan Gavriloff is an entrepreneur, an expert on the
subjects of creativity and innovation and, like most
Frenchman, a connoisseur of good food. But, first
and foremost, he is an innovative thinker and a
contributor of ideas, attributes that have supported
well him in his accomplishments.

A graduate of France’s prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, he is the president of Kaos Consulting, an innovation consulting company. With his intuitive and unconventional vision, he has led over 400 seminars on creativity to help large and small French and international companies develop new products and services. He has also authored a book on creativity, Une fourmi de 18 mètres ça n’existe pas, [There is no such thing as an 18-meter long ant] and co-authored the French version of the Fork It method, Dine avec une fourchette. The book and method have been widely reviewed on French radio and television and in numerous magazines, such as French Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Ivan is well aware of today’s nutritional and dietary challenges. He first came upon the idea for this method while confronting his own weight issues. Following months of discussions and research with renowned medical professionals, Ivan discovered that his method is a viable and healthy way to lose weight. He practices it to keep his own weight in check and is sharing his findings and method with others in the hopes that they too can benefit from this simple and effective approach to eating and losing weight.

Sophie TroffSophie Troff is currently an Innovation Consultant for Kaos
Consulting. Since completing her distinguished Khâgne
studies and a Masters in Marketing and Advertising
from the Paris – Sorbonne and CELSA, this talented and
accomplished young woman has become very involved with
the marketing and creation of brand names. In addition, she
has worked as a Multimedia Project Manager for established
French organizations such as Havas Edition (Encyclopédie Havas and 2000 d’Histoire de France) and the Louvre. Her talents also include creating crossword puzzles for a popular French women’s magazine and song writing.