Fork it The french way
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As strange as it sounds, dieting is not something to be taken lightly.
It takes discipline and focus to alter eating habits, along with the proper
nutrition and good physical and mental health.
Together these factors create a sense of wellbeing that supports
successful weight loss.
That is why we want to share with you what a number of top medical
experts have said about the Fork It method.

Currently in France there is a kind of dietary pandemonium, which has resulted in an onslaught of “miraculous” diets that are sometimes dangerous, usually ineffective and consequently easily abandoned. The Fork It Method brings a new approach to eating. Unique, easy to grasp and to remember, it isn’t just another fad diet. It is about learning to eat in a healthier and more balanced manner, while reducing the familial and social constraints common to dieting.

--Dr Philippe Passa, endocrinologist, diabetologist

The Fork It method proves satisfying because proteins and starches are foods that create the sensation of being full.

For most people, the evening is the most difficult time…. I find this method very interesting in that it prevents overeating and can help modify dietary habits in a good way, by eating lighter and without frustration.

--Dr Sophie Fages, endocrinologist

It is good to choose things that simplify life.

The key issue today is to relearn the way to eat, rather than to look for a way to lose weight. The Fork It method seems to fit this logic perfectly.

--Dr Delabos, developer of Chrono-Nutrition

The important thing is to eat lightly at dinner. If you eliminate starches at dinner, Fork It seems like an intelligent way to eat !
The Fork Method doesn’t seem to be dangerous as all the necessary nutriments can be eaten during the day.
What I find the most interesting with this method is that it adapts so easily to a normal social life.
The idea of eating what you want during the day and only restricting yourself in the evening can become a kind of game. This is one of the interesting aspects of this method.

--Dr Dominique-Adèle Cassuto, nutritionist

By letting us make our own food choices throughout the day, the Fork It approach eliminates to a great extent the feeling of restriction.

The food that can be eaten at dinner is sufficiently varied to avoid monotony.

--Mme Michèle Le Barzic, psychologist, Hôtel Dieu

This method has the advantage of creating an entertaining ritual that can be adopted by the entire family.

--Dr Serge Hefez, psychoanalyst