Fork it The french way
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Read about Fork It's benefits

Now I understand the importance of losing weight gradually. I’ve said good-bye to crash dieting, and that alone is a big step for me. It’s all thanks to the Fork It method. As I see it, this method has two advantages over other diets I’ve tried: It isn’t too restrictive and the nightly ritual of eating with just a fork is something I find very comforting.

Stephanie D.

It is quite amazing. I can eat what I want to during the day--pizza, salad, steak and fries--without having to worry about what is allowed and what isn’t. It is so much easier to practice restraint when it is just in the evening. Best of all, I have finally lost that awful habit of thinking only about food and what I am going eat.

Linda G.

I really like the fact that is has been so easy to adapt my lifestyle to the Fork It approach. My eating habits are much more regular, and I feel
better for it. I no longer suffer from the sugar crashes I used
to experience from skipping breakfast, and I don’t feel
guilty when I eat something sweet or rich in calories. All
in all, it feels like a really healthy way to eat.


Eating and communal life are very important to my family and to my group of friends.
Now, when friends come over, I can cook with the Fork It method without their even noticing that I am dieting. It is nice not to feel compromised or constricted by having to choose between dieting and socializing.

Helen W.

I stopped the last diet I was on, mainly because it was costing
me so much money. I paid $75 upfront for the consultation,
and I was spending more than $180 a month just on protein
packets. With Fork It, all I have to pay for is the food I choose
to eat, because the method is completely free!


What I love about eating lighter at night is that I don’t end the day feeling heavy and stuffed. I used to have occasional bouts of insomnia, but now I sleep like a baby. It is also easier to get up in the morning, and I love feeling lighter, hungry and ready to start my day!

Pat M.

The Fork It diet has brought about a huge change in my life.
First and foremost, my family eats much more regular meals.
I no longer worry about weighing myself, and I can say,
without bragging, that since we began eating like this,
my extra weight has disappeared. And last, but not least,
it takes less time to set the table.